Your best friend in cleaning bathroom

Excellent business opportunity
Entirely new product
For a long time people dream to reduce routine work they do daily. And they are successful in it. Think about washer, dryer, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner. All these home appliance do great job for us in daily life.
New technologies (machine learning, machine vision and robotics) are ready to make home appliance do even more routine work - cleaning toilets and bathroom. All dirty stuff - toilet, urinal, washbasin, bath and shower cabin - can be cleaned with bathroom machine.

It's a possibility to be the first on the market

Wide applicability
It turns out that any single business has a toilet. Bigger business has more toilets and bathrooms. Keeping them (toilets and bathrooms) clean is always challenge and expanses for any size business. Bathroom machine can improve cleanliness quality and reduce expanses.
The same with households. Even better - every house has bath and shower cabin. Cleaning bath and shower cabin much harder then toilet and washbasin. Every housewife would be happy to have bathroom machine.

Applicability: any household, any size business

Huge audience it is intended
Demand for clean toilets and bathrooms is high and stable.
Just because everybody uses toilets and bathrooms regardless budget, geographic location, weather and marital status bathroom machine has a huge audience it's intended for. For example market size for vacuum cleaners is $10B annually.

Audience: x100M customers in U.S. and outside

Our progress

Demo video from labs

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